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Hotel Landmark Ganpatipule Hotel Abhishek Ganpatipule Krishnali Resort Ganpatipule
Hotel Durvakur Ganpatipule Blue Ocean Spa Resort Ganpatipule Shiv Sagar Palace Ganpatipule
Atharva Residency Ganpatipule Tranquility Beach Resort, Malgund Fern Courtyard Resort Ganpatipule
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According to local folklore, the Hindu God Ganapati, taking umbrage at a remark made by a native lady, moved to Pule (a few km before the town) from his original abode of Gule. Thus the region was named Ganpati-pule.

The 400-year-old Ganpati idol at Ganpatipule is said to have sprung up from the soil. This deity faces the west, so as to guard the western gates, unlike deities in other Indian temples who face the east. The temple is at the base of a hill, and pilgrims walk around (pradakshina) the hill as a mark of respect.
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